Gold & Oil on Canvas

I love painting …

Energy Pictures

is what I call my oil paintings on canvas –
they are created in a flow …

Painting gives me great pleasure.
I listen to
the energy in my body
and express what,
I feel,
through colours
and symbols
on the canvas.
The paintings appear
of their own accord
and tell about what
I don’t know about either.

The creative power finds space
to flow freely –
there is an exchange
and a release.

The final expression
speaks from my subconscious
to the subconscious of the observer.
The tales contain stories,
that words never reach.
To hear and understand
you must also listen
with your entire body.

I paint with
brushes, napkins,
spatulas and my fingers –
with open and closed eyes
at rest or dancing
to music or in silence.

I have been painting since 1990 –
received training from artists:
Hannibal Måne and Niels Wamberg.

Previous occupation: Engineering
parallel with painting: Self-employed
in the field of “Personal Development” with
courses, lectures, writer, therapist and
meditation trainer and many journeys to India.

I am happy to arrange exhibitions and lectures –
contact me by mobile phone or e-mail.

Mobile: (+45) 28115994
Web: /